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        Whitestuff MuOnline Sez 6 Arkania

                     Grand Openning


   After 2 months job with server configuration we can avouch that whitestuff.tk is ready for re-opening. MU Online is back with new stable server and premium server files. Powered by MuEmu-Network latest and fully working Mu Sez 6 Arkania Server Files. Premium Anticheat system. whitestuff.tk has well-considered gameplay and its professionally developed and maintained to deliver best stability and high performance.

If you want to experience qualitative gameplay with low rate server configurations and where administration cares about players,then this is place for you!

What to expect from this Mu Online Server?whitestuff.tk is made for people who like original gameplay without custom features. Working all events/features. Whole gameplay is well considered , Attention has been paid to every single game detail. We cant tell that our server is best , but we can guarantee, that you wont find second server like this, we are different from other servers. whitestuff.tk main game value is zen, low exc item drops, low zen rate.

   Season 6 Arkania Episode Full

   Experience: 35x item Drop Rate: 40%

   Levelup points: 5/7(Normal)

   Max Resets: 75x (Grand Reset)

   New Events/Maps/Sets/Wings and other

   LongTerm Server : Online 24/7

                          Mu Sez 6 Arkania 

Radio Online

Grand Openning


The early history of radio is the history of technology that produces and uses radio instruments that use radio waves. Within the timeline of radio, many people contributed theory and inventions in what became radio.[1] Radio development began as "wireless telegraphy".[1] Later radio history increasingly involves matters of broadcasting.

Whitestuff Radio have been created by anyo in 2010 and it had continue to exist, the radio was usually open doring the Christmas Holidays and was closed after the new year.

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About Whitestuff Server     

 Eng. Whitestuff originally appeared in early 2008-2009 during that time holding a Gta to mp server edited by Andrey Yonik. (Anyo)
Also, at that time, Anyo was trying to create a Mu Online server server, which unfortunately would be made and hosted about 10 years later at the beginning of 2017. When the first Muonline server owned by Anyo was developed and hosted in Shortly after that, a number of 33 players have been reached, but due to some technical problems the server lost some of the players later in the year 2018 Arkania season 6 was developed and hosted some improvements made on the host thanks to George
Currently, Whitestuff It aims to reach as many players as possible, hoping that our efforts have not been done in vain.

Ro.Whitestuff a aparut initial pe la inceputul anilor 2008-2009 in acea perioana detinea un server de Gta sa mp editat de Andrey Yonik. ( Anyo ) De asemeni in acea perioada Anyo incerca sa creeze si un server de Mu Online server care din nefericire urma sa fie realizat si hostat aproximativ 10 ani mai tarziu la inceputul Anului 2017. Atunci cand primul server de Muonline detinut de Anyo a fost developat si hostat in scurt timp a atuns un numar de 33 de jucatori, insa datorita unor probleme tehnice serverul a pierdut o pare parte dintre jucatori ceva mai tarziu in anul 2018 a fost developat sezonul 6 Arkania si hostat cu ceva inbunatatiri facute pe host datorita Lui George In prezent echipa Whitestuff Isi propune sa atinga un numar cat mai mare de jucatori sperand ca eforturile noastre nu au fost facute degeaba.

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Anyo Service 

Reparatii computere/laptopuri, instalari windows si programe/drivere inlocuire piese defecte Verificare si Diagnosticare si alte servicii la preturi avantajoase pe zona Harsova

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